Dream a little dream

Last night I thought it would be best to go to bed early so I was asleep by 11 but up again by 2:30. I couldn't sleep. I had dreams about a slaughtered unicorn and one about a raped ballerina. Basically I dream like a world-weary 6 yr old.

Today seems a little more normal, at least I was roused from slumber by a call from a temp agency as opposed to like... a collection agency. And it is overcast so at least nature isn't mocking me with its good mood either. And there was a thunderstorm last night so that ripped.

So today I am going to roam around on foot and see if I can maybe get a job in Bloor West village or on Queen St.

Alexander Tween if you are reading this and I know you are. COME. GET.ME.

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