"As I See It"

Let's get a few things cleared up once and for all.

Salad? It sucks. Chances are you eat it because it comes with your burger/bento box/linguine with clam sauce and you don't want to look like a stoonade for not eating it. Or you're like me and sometimes you like to atone for previous and unrelated sins. You probably wanted to get the fries instead but now that you're not 19 anymore you feel you should get the salad, even though it's barely edible.

Beavers are cool, no doubt. They can chew the bark off trees very fast, swim, wiggle their chub bodies on land, and bash things with their tail... but let's all agree that they would be cuter if they had more prominent ears.

Now this owl here, I wouldn't call these ears as much as "gestural brows" but you see the effect I am talking about yes? Creatures just look better with expressionist flourishes that suggest ears.

Don't doubt me.

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