Love it when you hold me baybeeee

Here is part 1 in a series of entries that are at least partially about Ashanti, and i am telling you now that there are only two parts in total and that the other one will probably be posted in a few hours.

fevrier records: hey what was that message you left earlier? the answering machine is really garbled

alex tween: hahahaha...oh, that.

alex tween: i sang that "bah bah bah" song.

fevrier records: B2k?

alex tween: is that who does it? the song goes "girl you turn around and let me see that sexy body go BAh Bah Bah"

fevrier records: yeah ...with p.diddy

fevrier records: i'm also into the new ja rule and ashanti

alex tween: i *love* how there are these super loud orchestra hits on "bah bah bah"

fevrier records: those lips... those thi-i-ighs...

alex tween: hahah...ja rule goes emo in tthat song.

fevrier records: hahah totally

fevrier records: sometimes they show the extended version .. with like "plotlines" that explain why ja is wearing that retarded sweater in the beginning

alex tween:HAHAHAH...haven't seen the video

fevrier records: and why Ashanti is dressed up like a ho

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