The best recent google searches to end up here ? BARELY LEGAL STREAM HUSTLER, "photographing her breast", FUCK KINKOS, "pitchers of humping" and "anti-CBC" .... I rule!

Anyway, last night Dale and I met up at an art show and he brought his own wine so i was delighted and I had cigarettes so Dale was delighted. Our friend Maggie had crafted this huge shark out of poundcake. I wanted to eat it, but it was "art" - finally by around 12:30 I cut a fin off and stuffed it in my mouth. art THIS! There was also a cotton candy machine in the middle of the gallery as the show was called PINK I gather... and what better way to celebrate pink than with some cotton candy. RAHH!!!!

Dale and i wandered around Kensington market but ended up at Oasis where I of course had to order mass food. Then we sat behind Rancho and got stoned, then we ran into Craig and Matt Collins of all people. Hasn't he moved to Guelph yet?? There were a bunch of people standing around and Matt shouted "LIZ!" and buried his head in my bosom saying he had a funny story to tell me.. in private and i said "If it's about getting a girl pregnant I don't want to hear it." (what? i thought it was funny?) and he did his laugh thing and said " oh.. uh... maybe i shouldn't tell you heh heh heh" so who knows what he is on about.

I took the streetcar to Dundas W. but standing on Dundas and Bloor in bare legs and heels is askin for trouble so after one too many cars pulled over or honked at me i called my friend/landlord John to come get me. i felt bad as it was almost 4am.

I sound like a broken record but I need to go to the garden centre... still. It's not that I'm just lazy.. it's that I can't very well carry a birdbath, a flat of pansies and a yard of potting soil on my back like a mule. I need a vehicle... any volunteers? Oh! If you are in Toronto, next week is Canada Blooms, the flower and garden show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I am volunteering on Friday eve and Saturday afternoon. I'll be the volunteer who is not over 55! See you there.

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