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Wednesday, August 1, 2001
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So today I had to go to the gynocologist, but so did my friend Molly! And even though she is over 3000 miles away, we were both getting poked and prodded and that somehow made it better.

So after my appointment (i'm fine! yes!) I am walking down Bathurst and who do i run into but pals Pat and Tom! They were on their way to the Beer Store to pick up beer for their boss so I went with them but the store was closed so I go to the boss' crib and he grabs Tom and says "WE CAN MAKE IT TO SPADINA IF WE TAKE THE TRUCK!!!!" So me and Pat just sit around and chat and Tom and Noel return with beer. We soon realized however that this guy was a stubborn opinionated Irish windbag, so we chugged our last beers and split. He was offering to help pay Tom's tuition to do his masters at Oxford. Yeah fucking right.

So I come home and get an email from this OCAD "art hair" guy that sorta "broke my spirit" but I laughed because it was in response to this email that I sent and had already been responded to by another "employee" only "art hair"'s response was less Canadian. Which, I almost appreciate, but not quite. And then I went to the bank to get money to pay rent and got all the way there to realize I forgot my wallet. Ugh... So life just seemed to be crappy once I got home. So I BIKE back to the bank, git dollas, and give them to my landlord when he gets home.

Then something totally Steven Spielberg happened. Like 'Hook' era Spielberg. I realized the beauty of friendship. Shut up I'm serious! I was talking on IM with Molly and we were laughing about our crotches and the she's all "Do you ever think it's rad how we're pals?" Yeah dude! i thought about you as I was pulling on my underwear at the gynocologist today!

And then Deirdre sends me all these emails with drawings just for me in them and tells me about her drawing that she's making and how it says ADD N to (IGGA) on it. If that is not the funniest thing I have heard all year, then I don't know what it. Pat and Tom are great. Molly's great. Deirdre's great. Great, great, great. Now why the fuck don't I have any ramen noodles in the house?

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