Parce que c'est vrai, non?

Okay squawking fans-

I thought of two good entries to put in here last night but was too tired and now I just can't be bothered. One involved an asian gino dude on Bloor St. asking if I was a hooker then hanging around for a while and offering me a job at Pizza Hut. Maybe I'll post the entire conversation later. It was truly hilarious/ humiliating.

I'm all sad and I think I have a fever, so I'll be happy to be in New York next week for a little vacation from my permanent vacation- even though it means missing Popscene. But I get to bid a proper a dieu to the legendary Brownie's. I'm really upset about its closure. Oh the memories.

Anyway, the Pope may be gone, but the dream of my future at Pizza Hut lives on.

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