Disappearing Dale, Reoccurring Themes

me: Dale is MIA.. I'm worried

me: he is still not home from last night! i have not seen him in over 24 hours!

my mom: where was he going?

my mom: Doesn't he have a mobile?

my mom: who was he with?

me: a mobile?

me: hahahahahha

me: dale doesn't even have SOCKS

In other news, last night was pretty fun. Unlike other (typical) nights where the fun quotient trails off till you're just like.. you know...crawling into bed alone and waking up craving salty foods with eye makeup on your white pillowcase, going "Fuck. I JUST washed this!"

But last night was different. Dan and I spent some time trying to find Dale. This included some lame OCAD party at the Gladstone where our pal Caroline was trying to spread SARS to the crowd via an innocent looking bunch of flowers.

Dan and I met up with Karen at Rancho Relaxo where our friend Sha(y)ne was DJing. I didn't even pay much attention to what they were playing (save the one Sonic Youth song and Death From Above's 'Dead Womb') because -get this- they were giving away bags of candy at the door. I was beaming. Like far too much to keep frontin to you like I am some kind of erudite hipster. No. I am a 9 year old girl. Favorites? Candy. Skee-ball. The color pink. Anyway!

Afterwards, I was having a salt craving and thankfully I was not the only one (i really hate gorging solo- though I WILL do it) ...but who did we run into at Massimo's but Rob (Hot Times) and Mike (Evil Genius/ Country Stranger) ! In fact I think I even said "Look! It's Mike Country Stranger!" I guess we could say MCS for short... Dan, Karen, MCS and myself took a cab back to the Seaton Farm. Mike and I stayed up talking till about 6am. It's nice to know I can still "make friends" *...hell i didn't even NOTICE Dale was still missing at 6am.

But I don't mean to get all cavalier about that. I'm genuinely worried... if only because he knew he had to WORK today and he didn't show.

* this is not a euphemism for anything. I don't even know why I put it in quotes really. carry on.

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