Larry King (hearts) Aaron Brown

So the other night, me and my work bros went to a couple parties! The first one was at C. Ronson and the second and slightly more exciting party was at the awesome Loop showroom!

Stephanie helped me light a giant cigarette with a giant lighter.

They had all sorts of crime related things going on- the theme was celebrity criminals... Sarah, Keith and Chris were feelin it!

Loop's creative director, China Young, snapped polaroids of us individually and I took some goofy group shots after several cocktails. I am assaulting and battering Keith!

After work antics came rock antics. Kurt was playing at Knitting Factory

Chris McAllen was in the house. We used to call him 'Mumbles' when I was in highschool because we never really knew what the fuck he was saying. Not so much anymore. I love him!

Yay! Some dude came up to me while they were playing, all confused about whether he was seeing the Lilys or not, I was trying to explain things but I was really choked up (about how great the show was and similarly about how drunk I was? ) So maybe he thinks he was seeing Brooks and Dunn at the Mississauga Rotodome. Who knows.

Sean Hart came to hang out too. Bad idea? Who can tell anymore!

That's real precious right? Nose is all mashed and I am telling people 'You and I?! We haven't even begun to realize our DESTINY, maaaaan! Like- the reason we met hasn't even been REALIZED! I love you!!"

Okay- not like I didn't MEAN what I said- just that 9 times out of 10 I wish I employed that 'economy of words' thing I am always talking about- I'll have to take a lunchtime poll about whether other people wish I'd subscribe more dutifully to that as well.

And that's all. Fresh?

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