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such a good album! for real! Like some weird cross between Elliott Smith and Mc Paul Barman? What the f? He can beatbox like nobody's business. I saw him play at Ted's in Toronto and it was super rad and not just because I was loaded. honest. Oh! and he's interviewed in the nect issue of Bubble and Squeak so be sure to check that out. Who else is interviewed? Oh just some band called APPLES IN STEREO. They were supremely nice. Hilarie and Robert just had a baby (well, Christmas day) and he's so cute! Hilarie showed me polaroids..Maxwell Alexander.

And speaking of small children I talked to Kurt on the phone the other day (that didn't sound right- Kurt's not the small child I was talking about but rather that he has small children. 3 to be exact) anyway, I guess he was having lady issues but they seem to be resolved...for now. I don't know. I worry about him. Not like worry in that he can't take care of himself. he can. but just maybe...he convinces himself of things being a certain way, when in fact, they're not. maybe I'm just sticking my nose where it doesn't belong.

What else has been going on?

well I had a little soiree at my house that was a little well, um...underattended, but in the end that was alright because the people I was really in need of seeing came, and the others well they were too busy being coked out assholes I guess? all honesty I live kinda far from downtown toronto now. but I like it! I have a yard and a cherry tree and a big kitchen. Hell even my stalker showed up and fell asleep in my yard and then meandered into my house while I was in bed. creeeeep-yyy. Thank God Taylor was there to protect me!

It's just NOT getting hot here! What the F? I have the space heater on and I wore a scarf today. Sometimes I think Canada was a bad idea. Like, as a country.

Clientele show on Saturday. I'll be in attendance, provided I am on the list and I will be because I am awesome. Lord, keep me from eBay. I still haven't found a job. I'm monumentally depressed. My rabbit's freaking out. I yelled at her and now I feel really bad. GOODNIGHT! ebm

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