Let's Relax.

Aw jeez gosh guys!

Maximum apologetics for the mondo-delay! Partytronics took over my life on New Years and we're still putting the house back together many days later. The party itself was a raging success (or so I hear, I felt like I experienced a mere 10% of it- but that 10% was awesome!)and I will have pictures of that as well as our trip to New York as soon as I set my computer back up- complete with new external hard drive.

While you wait, I implore you to read all 30,000 words of my mother's latest bawdy diary entry. If you didn't know how much my mom likes to bone, you'll find out, as I did, from her blog. Enjoy!

In other news, I am fat.

Oh yeah! Mike rented Sideways last night. He popped it in as I said "You know this is a Fox film masquerading as an indie, right?" Did anyone like this movie? I found all the characters insufferable. Everyone always talk about how great Paul Giamatti was in it - total one-note depressive with occasional spaz antics? Hmm. I also didn't realize how heavily wine-nerdy it was. My verdict: Cork dorks and rom-commers only.

And now, here are reviews of some movies I haven't seen but either my mom or my boyfriend have, and so my opinions are gleaned from both things they told me and my pre-existing unfounded prejudices against them:
Memoirs of a Geisha: I heard it was long. Oh and that most of the actresses were Chinese.

Brokeback Mountain: I heard it was long, and that their gayness wasn't believable.

Syriana: I heard it was pretty long and that it was just like Traffic only weaker- and the dialogue wasn't there. Also I wonder why George Clooney had to gain weight for the role? It's not like the story hinged on the fact that the dude was slightly out of shape, right?

King Kong: I heard it was long and that the King Kong-themed Triple Whopper at Burger King has 1320 calories and 88 grams of fat.

I think they should have just temporarily changed the name of the restaurant to Burger Kong- but no one ever asks me anything! Least of all about fast food branding!


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