This ain't Queensbridge


Me: Hello?

Alex: Hey!

Me: Oh hey dude! Finally!

Alex: So... let's go to Atlantic City.

Me: Tonight? I got work in the morning.

Alex: Oh that's right. You work now. Hmm.. well what time you want to be home in order to be at work?

Me: I guess like... 2:30?

Alex: Okay. I'll come pick you up now then.

Me: Okay! I'll go take a bath.

My life may not be as charmed as Sofia Coppola's but it's a start. Below please find some recent photographic representations of people.

Here we have a photo taken by one of the Andrews at iParty. That is my new friend Cristi on the left.

Ace Iks came down from Canada just to go to a sneaker nerd party! My mom took this picture. She likes to throw East York gang signs too. She "freelances"

I know you can't see my face in this picture but that's a good thing. I know *i'm* sick of it by now. I'm really just showing off the rad hat that Dennis Chow made me. Ebeth!!!

Okay. Entry done.

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