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18 September 2001
I am adding an entry right now more to get rid of my uninteresting "war entry" that has been up for days than anything else...

But if I can just add one more reason to my list of reasons that this whole situation sucks it's because I was doing a really good job of hiding my questionable political leanings from the public but then something bad happens and people want my opinion and I tell them and the next thing you know....

So I thought I'd just, you know, stop talking about how I have "no morals" and mention that when I got my film developed yesterday they stuck a child pornography warning in one of my three developed rolls. "You KNOW you're taking awesome pictures when...."

I was making jokes like "Oh gee, maybe I shouldn't have paid by credit card, now they know my real name!" but no one in the office thought that was funny. Whatever Canada, why don't you go evacuate a few more buildings that no one knows exist so you can inflate your war boner just a little bit more. Osama is not after your ramshackle fisheries in Denman. Why not just be happy that no one cares enough to hate you? U.S.A!! U.S.A!!!!!

In all seriousness though, I really dig Canada.... I live here for a reason. I could be living in New York City, where I was born and raised and where my family is, but I choose to live in Canada.

Because your food banks give chocolate milk.

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