Snuggles and Cuddles

So now here are some pictures from Canada. There are 10 of them, that's like 7 American.

Friday night, after a day of walking around by myself because Mikey was busy driving around Markham eating 400 Snickers, Rob and Yuki and Irine came over before we all went over to Surf City Saigon at Rancho Relaxo. I love the smell of stale beer in the evening. It smells like... victory.

Upon crossing the street, the first person I saw was Sebastien and my heart melted. White jeans! Racing bike!

Dennis heard he could get in for $2 less if he went shirtless so he needed approximately 2 nanoseconds to think about it. I wish yall could see his tattoo but you can't. Note also- Hatty looking nordic/adorable as always and Dennis's girl Claire looking hot and sporty. Also, note Dale's hippy-purse on the table. I mention this because I don't think anybody else would want any confusion to arise over who owns that piece of turd.

Maggie's boobs told us a really interesting story. I mean, here's Maggie, Sebby and Dennis hanging around some beer.

Hatty doesn't like being called Hatty. So... "J. Fos and I went around the block with Dale to get our whatever on"

Cheryl is looking better than ever and is amazing and I can't wait till she realizes she has to move to New York and live with me. Also- Dale grew a crazy beard as a way to cope with his midlife crisis.

Remember when Rick James died and I was like "oh great. Here comes the deluge of bullshit Dave Chappelle impressions" ? Well, here is some "grafitti" Mike and I saw in the Beaches on Saturday afternoon. What the fuck is this? BITCHT? BORSHT? BAADER-MEINHOF?

On Sunday, a whole bunch of us went to the Ex to eat the worst/best food ever and lose money. It was really fun. Here's a picture of Dave and his girl, Yelena.


After that "couples blaze" it was time to go on the swing ride. Man, people always forget about this one but it's fun as hell. A test of how good a ride is is by seeing how much I can't catch my breath from laughing so much. Why do rides crack me up? Oh i think it's my way of dealing with "Holy shit. If I die right now it will hurt so bad. It will hurt so bad and I will be so embarrassed. My head will break clean off and smash someone's sno-cone. My mother will surely perish from grief and I will be a laughing stock."

But we totally lived! Awesome!

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