"the bald eagle takes flight"

So today was super fun. I can't really get into it. Oh and I played a lot of tetris and ate a lot of yogurt and took a bath and a nap too.

Last night was fun as well. Me and Beth met up at Bistro 422 for a little cheap boozing. After we had consumed, we made our way over to CZ. Me and Beth and 5:17 were dancing and drinking at BlowUp and gossiping and whatnot. Then it got all late and we went to Beth's house and played with her kitties and 5:17 gave Beth all the money he had for this painting she did of a lady and a baby cow. Awww.

I tried calling TC today because I really want to talk to him but his damn cellphone doesn't have voicemail. major boo hoo!

Now I must retire because I need to get up in a few hours and make people the proud owners of Honda Civics.

np: Mazarin

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