Drunk. Deal with it.

OKay. I may be too drunk to handle this entry.

So I'm in BC. The west end of vancouver now to be exact... and I have spent the last week in the South Cariboo. Mapquest it. It's like fuckin' .... almost in Alaska... like MAD remote... like I'm talkin... one bar on your cell phone reception style remote right?

So I figured at the very least GOOD SALMON right?

I've been a vegetarian for 11 years but in the past few months I've decided that I want to add fish to my varied repetoire of foodstuffs so my brain will expand (dig?)

So, anyway... I like salmon and cod and frankly, the way I feel about salmon can be summed up in this animated GIF...


However, hte one piece of salmonz I had while in the Cariboo was totally undercooked and GNARZ to the max!!

Cry about it.

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