Country Grand'ma

Last night was Jenny's birthday. It was also Robin's birthday but she was away so we had to just use our imagination. Beth, Julia, Bat'ry and myself all wore western shirts because we heard it was a theme? But yeah, it was just us. So we took pictures. Maggie was the salloon girl.

Blah blah fun stuff, cigarettes, Beth and Julia conversing in German in our private partio sub-party, Maggie's asskicking mutant cocktail , a short trip to evil genius (evil indeed) oh and people seemed to be right into my cookies that i made. And Bat'ry and I talked about Lung Leg and the Yummy Fur? WHO FUCKING KNEW??? Honestly. It was an extremely excellent night/ morning(? )

My mom is going to see David Bowie tonight.. and she is going to be on TV because it's one of those A&E Live By Request things. Check it out. Not like you'll know who my mom is or care... she kinda looks like me if that helps.

now playing:Kleenex Girl Wonder- Mohican Antler-Yard Alphabet

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