the cars, the bars, the moonshine in mason jars

I realized that the conversations 'vaguely related to Ashanti'- part 1 (posted) and part 2 (not posted) are both relatively uninteresting. So in the interest of fun and levity and a million fucking flashing colors to alleviate the boredom my haters keep reminding me I inspire in them... here is an entry about bullshit.

my middle name: bayne. it means blonde in scots gaelic. now you know!

my favorite lifter puller song: Sangre de Stephanie (go get it)

Maximum number of times I have had sex with the same person: 4 or 5 (weird and sad! please remind me of this in the comments board!)

bane of my existance: spalding grey/ dr. phil/ temp agencies

internet: love / hate relationship

I have a sister named Lucy and a brother named James. I only have like 3 pictures of them.

I had this dream I had a dog and the dog's name was Jasper but then the dog died and I was very very sad so I had the dog's name tattooed on the top of my wrist in helvetica. Now I think maybe I should get that tattoo, and then work on getting a dog, and maybe stop dreaming about typefaces.

tired?: sure am!

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