Well HELL, diary!

This is my 515th entry in you and I'm only entering it because my damn FANS (mom) won't stop RIDING ME about it! What the EFF, diary? Do you MIND?

Do you want to hear all about my recent listening kick of Another Bad Creation? Specifically the last verse in 'Playground' that goes:

M to the mizzark, chillin in the pizzark, yo i gotta break cuz my mother says 'be home by dizzark!'

I didn't realize z-speak dated back that far. Take that, H to the Izzo!

Maybe you want to see all the awesome historical maps I've been looking at.

Then again, if that's too boring you could always look at these adorable puppies instead.

We'll talk more later. I have to go to the dentist.

Holy shit, SEE!!! The internet is awesome! You totally know I'm going to the dentist today!! All day you can be like "ebm's squirming in a chair she hasn't sat in for 9 nine years realizing she didn't take enough klonopins to deal with it!"

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