Delay Claims!

Sorry it's been so long. So much has happened too! The end of June saw Alex Tween come up for a visit, complete with full Amish beard.

We went to a terrific rooftop party courtesy of our pal Nadia, and wandered the Toronto Islands. Pictures to follow... but not of the part of our Island trip that involved me getting my period and needing Mike to cover me with a towel as I feebly attempted to remedy the situation while wearing a one piece bathing suit. Maybe if I write into YM magazine they'll give me a lifetime supply of ring pops!!!

Intermission! Here is something me na like...
You know that Brita ad where a chick is drinking a glass of water and then theres the "whoosh" of a toilet flushing somewhere behind her and the voice-over is all "Tap water and toilet water are the saaaaaaaame thing" (it doesn't actually sound like that) This commercial is, I assume, only being shown in the first world - so what the fuck? Oh right, it's the WATER that makes a toilet gross not its role as the exclusive receptacle to all manner of babboon dump, piss and puke. So maybe I will buy a Brita filter... for my asshole.

Okay legions of fans, I had a birthday and you missed it. It was July 18th and now I am 26! If you feel bad about missing my birthday, and you should, allow yourself to browse my AMAZON WISHLIST.

And perhaps my biggest news- Mike and I are gonna get *SO FAT* together! That's right! We got engaged last week in Montreal! Hooray!!!

I would post pictures but not one but TWO (all) of my cameras were stolen/lost within a week of each other courtesy of the army of dirtbags we seemed to have tangentially gotten involved with and generously let into our home. I think our legendary house party days are over. Like I said, my main concern right now is gaining weight and yelling at the TV more.

Also: A few product changes on the Cafe Press site, and a "podcast" on the way. Welcome to the future!

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