Remembrance Day Party

11/11? 11:11? Time to call 967-11-11??? That's right! It's REMEMBRANCE DAY!!! (Note to non-Canadian readers: It's Remembrance Day. Google it.)

I'm not a veteran but I thought I could share a remembrance of my own, equally tragic.

I may have mentioned before how Billy Joel's 'Uptown Girl' was my favorite song when I was 3 years old. I was just old enough to know how to work the rewind button on the tape deck and to dance without falling on my ass after 2 seconds. So that's just what I did. While my parents slept (past 6am????), I would entertain myself by playing 'Uptown Girl', rocking out, hitting rewind, playing the song again, busting moves, etc etc ad nauseum. Now, the rest of that Billy Joel album is rad but I cared only for 'Uptown Girl.'

My dad would lie in bed saying to my mom, "If she plays that song one more time I might have to kill our daughter." and stuff like that. I'm sure my mom was more than sick of "Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh..." as well but realized how stoked *I* was on it and that was good enough.

A few months later my parents got separated, and eventually divorced. Which I had a hard time with. As hard a time as you can have when you are three and understand basically nothing. I struggled with what could have happened until my mom explained it to me in a manner I could easily comprehend. She told me that my dad left because I wouldn't stop playing 'Uptown Girl.'

I still listened to the song but now I did it with tears streaming down my face.

Years past and I forgot about Uptown Girl- just like I forgot about my entire childhood, adolescence, 4 years of highschool and 3 years of college. But I downloaded it recently and it occured to me that it just might still be my favorite song. Maybe it's just loaded with a lot of repressed memories- because when I hear it, I still don't know whether to dance, cry, or a little of both.

Thank You.

Here is an entry from last year, around the same time. Also a childhood "remembrance" and one of my favorites!

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