She's got the Action, You've got the Issues.

Oh shitty diary- the "holidays" (of which I celebrate one, so why the pluralization, I don't know) have left me so uninspired.

I have some pictures from recent parties but I don't look hot enough to even want to share, so here is an extended Karl Says, wherein Karl talks about "kids today!" but specifically his niece and nephew.

...theyre fun, they watch disney channel too much. At least they draw and read and shit.
No sports stuff at all. sports were huge when i was little. they make you go outside and go try stuff.

These kids are too sheltered like "yeah i have a skateboard... i never use it though... yeah im into football... kind of, mostly until i just start breathing hard and poop my pants"
no effort.

Parents are super scared of their kids getting hurt now. Its not like the 80's where going off ramps was a rite of childhood.

me: kids cost a lot.

Karl: "what? dirtbike track in the unbuilt subdivision? smash hard and get up for more? fine." time warp to 1990 and beyond "I'm scared of everything. put on a helmet. dont do anything by yourself."

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