Stop it, you're turning me on.

With a diary so frought with inane babble and girlish sentiment, I manage to avoid the negative spotlight of disgruntled readers with amazing efficacy. On occasion there have been misunderstandings...usually ignored by me because, in addition to being "bitter and misanthropic" as was once pointed out- I am also lazy.

But sometimes one cannot let sleeping dogs lie...lay? lay or lie?

Here is a recent chain of emails that started as a result of a post in my comments area. I love my new feature! (My footnotes will be surrounded by brackets much like these ( ) and please note that I have removed the sender's email address for additional comfort)

>From: eBeth
>To: Abner
>Subject: ooh!
>Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 10:24:58 -0400

do i offend?

i perchanced to notice the comment in my diary re: America ... and my apparent proclivity towards being glib/offensive.
call it reclamation. I'm not like every other bitter jealous 'complacent Canadian' who feels the need to diss the US. I was born and raised in NYC .

I've seen Deliverance 9 times! i know lots about America. I even had a fanny pack once.

ok bye,

From: Abner Delacroix

Born and raised in NYC? Oh yeah! That's why. You don't know shit about America other than how to tell us to eat it. Punk kid. Grow up.

From: eBeth
>To: Abner Delacroix
>Subject: Re: ooh!
>Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 14:57:03

>well. you seem hellbent on eating shit apparently so I'll just further >apologize as I hand you this giant american sized fork.


(hey readers- for those of you just tuning in ..or who do not remember my Canada Day entry bore a poorly photoshopped image of a photo of myself and 2 pals in front of an American flag that read "Eat Shit America!")

From: Abner

"Further apologize"? I must've missed it the first time around. At any rate, I'm not interested in your apologies, mincing and artificial as they are. I'm interested in your justifications, foolishly thought out and artificially contrived. Let me assure you that if and when I go to eat shit, I shall do so with panache and enthusiasm just as the French do. I'm not like your distant daddy. I really care. - Abner

Though I considered writing back merely "You sound hot" I decided to post everything instead. Normally I would think that sort of rude- but Abner is truly a man of letters. I especially enjoyed his familiarity with past entries w/r/t my relationship with my father (happy birthday daddy!) and the implication that the French enjoy eating feces- when everyone knows it is the Italians. Did no one see Pasolini's 'Salo' ???

Guten Nacht

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